We’re raum, a small, forward-thinking architecture studio.

We create spaces for memories to be made, for moments to be captured. We set the scene for life. We love working collaboratively, with positive people who like to make things happen. ​We communicate openly. We spend time together. We challenge each other.

We strive to deliver well-crafted and conceptually clear buildings and interiors. Every project we encounter is unique and our way of working begins with close observation of the existing condition – searching for the undeveloped qualities and opportunities in every site. These observations prompt a response that is appropriate to the social, cultural and historic context of a given location.

Our work evolves through a careful process, in which – each decision is the result of rigorous research into the treatment of light, space, surface and material. Together these qualities will determine the building as a whole.

If that sounds like a good fit for you, we’d love to talk.